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Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice (NMSSJ), in partnership with families and communities, will create and maintain a school environment founded on the principles, Harambee (Swahili for “to pull together in the same direction”) and Ubuntu (Xhosa for “I am because you are”) that promotes academic scholarship and critical consciousness. Through a strong commitment to the Pedagogy of Love and Liberation, restorative practice, cultural relevance, competency based education and relevant rites of passage experiences, NMSSJ will graduated academic scholars, who are committed to social emotional development and social justice.



NMSSJ graduates are social justice and equity warriors who are critically conscious, analytical and independent thinkers; aware of their own identity and culture, and of the skills and knowledge they have mastered and embodied throughout their years at Mandela. These scholars will exhibit a conscious and bold commitment to applying those skills and knowledge in the design of a shared future of love, justice and transformative power for themselves, their communities and society.

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