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Mastery Based Instruction and Assessments focused on mastering academic and social emotional


EPIC/Mandela Competencies and Attainments

Mastery Based


Pedagogy of Love: Commitment to loving all of our students and providing them with the academic and social emotional skills they need to transform their lives, their communities and this nation is the foundation of Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice. An essential aspect of the Mandela’s Pedagogy of Love is a commitment to Restorative Practice (and Justice). While Restorative Practice/Justice is an essential aspect of our challenge to the School to Prison Pipeline, we recognize that our school must be committed to using RP/RJ as the foundation of our daily practices, our classroom culture for learning, the interactions among staff and students and our approach to discipline. Additionally, an intrinsic aspect of our Pedagogy of Love is ensuring that all of our students, regardless of academic performance or possible disability, will have early exposure to college and universities, careers and post-secondary choices. At NMSSJ we believe that a Pedagogy of Love (a Pedagogy of Critical Love) means that all students must be introduced to all possible post-secondary opportunities.

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